How to start a career in Cybersecurity
Live webinar on 20th August, 2022
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A Special Live Webinar on 20th August, 2022
Meet the industry expert and discover opportunities in
New Zealand and Australia!

This webinar is supported by Secompass, New Zealand, a leading company of NZ that provides solutions to boost security and privacy.

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12:30 pm IST & Sri Lanka
8:00 am Nigeria
12:45 pm Nepal
3:00 pm Philippines

Why Cybersecurity?

A fast-growing career pathway
expected to expand 33% by 2030, substantially faster than average (Statista).
Make a real impacts
to digital world
Potentially unlimited growth
both for your career and learning opportunities
Have a great network of professionals
to connect and learn from

Presenting our Speakers

Bharat Chawla
Co-Founder, Uniqway
Jatinder Oberoi

Co-Founder & CyberSecurity Leader, New Zealand

S. Nagarajan

M.S (Education Management), MFM

International Business Manager – RBS Intellect

CCI Certified Career Coach | Former Admissions Officer, Central Queensland University, Australia | Study Abroad Expert

Priyanka Amin
International Business Manager,
Former Senior Immigration Officer, Immigration New

What topics will we cover?

Our main goal is to make the study abroad search and application process easy, accessible, and fun!
At the webinar we will discuss:
How the digital transformation has increased the demands for Cyber Security

Interesting courses and good places to study Cyber Security in New Zealand and Australia

About Secompass and perspective, you need to be successful as a cybersecurity expert.

Secret tips for those who want to pursue this career field

Career opportunities in New Zealand and Australia

Chat with experts & hear real-life stories from the industry
And much more!


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20th August, 2022

8:00 am Nigeria, 12:30 pm India & Sri Lanka,
12:15 pm Nepal, 3:00 pm Philippines
1 hour
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About Secompass

SeComPass = Security + Compliance + Assurance

A leading cyber security company in New Zealand
providing digital security and privacy solutions and assurance services
Help you grow your business
by automating your security and privacy via international authorities
Value for Money
ensuring the highest level of security and privacy at the lowest possible cost
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Yes, and only registered users will get it!
Is this webinar free?
This webinar is free for everyone who registers!
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Absolutely! You can do that during the event or in the form below.

Be Cyber. Be you

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