New Zealand’s most innovative
Master’s programme & Online Short Courses
8:30 am Nigeria
1:00 pm India
2:30 pm Vietnam
September 8, 2022
The Mind Lab provides innovative stackable learning programmes designed to create impactful futures. Discover how digital Master's and online short courses might benefit your career.
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Presenting our Speakers

Bharat Chawla
Co-Founder, Uniqway
Frances Valintine CNZM

CEO and Cofounder The Mind Lab / Tech Futures Lab

Fiona (Fee) Webby

General Manager The Mind Lab / Tech Futures Lab

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Who will benefit from

Mind Lab's innovative programmes?

Change makers
who want to make practical changes that will lead to a thriving and sustainable future.
who desire to apply digital tools, collaborative approaches and a sustainability mindset to teaching and learning
who wish to improve digital skills and build online confidence to enhance workplace efficiency
Digital optimisers
who aim to build knowledge to employ emerging disruptive technologies in practice
Sustainability strategists
who aspire to create Internet of Things strategies for a sustainable future
Business creators
who strive to develop the skills and attitudes of a successful entrepreneur to create a better business

What you will learn from the webinar?

At the webinar we will discuss:
The Mind Lab entry requirements

How digital skills can boost your career

Demanding Master's and online short courses
Available scholarships & awards

Learn the ability to develop innovative business models that put purpose over profit
Technological tips for managing business efficiency
And many more!


Why study with The Mind Lab and Techfutures Lab?

We want you to become part of a community of people driving change for good.

NZQA-registered postgraduate facility
Award-winning education provider
New Zealand’s digital experts
Trusted by thousands of educators and professionals
Industry-led practical programmes
Innovative flexible learning approach

What sets this programme apart from other

Master’s programmes?

The Master of Technological Futures (Level 9) programme differs from traditional Master’s degrees like MBAs as it’s
Design with industry experts and execute research or real-world project.
Dedicated advisor for all students
Connects with industry experts or academic

What makes Mind Lab's online short courses stand out from the crowd?

Designed to be compact and specific
so you can deep dive into your interest in a short amount of time
A 'crash course' on the future
covering what matters today and what's critical for a thriving future
Delivered online, with self-directed learning and weekly live sessions
so you can learn from wherever you are
Level 8 micro-credentials approved by The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab may now be combined
to form larger and more powerful programs

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8th September, 2022

8:30 am Nigeria, 1:00 pm India, 2:30 pm Vietnam
1 hour
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