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Free Live Event on May 19th
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A must-attend webinar on May 19th

Inside guides on how to get into TOP New Zealand universities at an affordable price.
6:30 am Nigeria
11 am IST & Sri Lanka
11:15 am Nepal
13:30 pm Philippines

What you will learn from the webinar?

Our main goal is to make the study abroad search and application process easy,

accessible, and fun!

At the webinar we will discuss:
How to get

Where to study:
Universities and colleges
in NZ

Latest information
about study programmes and scholarships

Work opportunities
During and after studying

The current situation
In New Zealand

and much more!

Why to choose NZ:

Globally recognised qualifications

All of New Zealand's eight universities are ranked in the top 3% in the world

Excellent teaching
Focuses on research-based teaching
Save place to live
New Zealand is placed 3rd on the Global Peace Index
Work opportunities
A student visa allows up to 20 hours of work per week during the semester and 40 hours during holidays

Meet our Speakers

Bharat Chawla

Uniqway Co-Founder, CEO

Priyanka Amin

International Business Manager, Former Senior Immigration Officer, Immigration New Zealand in India

Riddhish Jani

CEO, New Zealand Gateway, Licenced Immigration Adviser for NZ and Registered Migration Agent for Australia

Why us?

Uniqway is a unique study abroad platform that helps international applicants search and compare university programmes

Over 1 000 000 $
In scholarships presented on
Over 10 000
Study programmes, based on your desired course of study, career, destinations, and budget
∞ expertise
Uniqway experts helped students enroll and get full scholarships at Oxford, DAAD in Germany, Chevening in the UK, SISGP in Sweden

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19th May 2022

6:30 am Nigeria, 11 am India & Sri Lanka,
11:15 am Nepal, 13:30 pm Philippines
1 hour
But we will stay with you until all your questions are answered!
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Yes, and only registered users will get it!
Is this webinar free?
This webinar is free for everyone who registers!
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Absolutely! You can do that during the event or in the form below.

Get a world-class education in beautiful

New Zealand

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