Live Event on 30 July, 2022
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Free Live Event on 30 July, 2022
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12:30 pm IST & Sri Lanka
8:00 am Nigeria
12:45 pm Nepal
3:00 pm Philippines
Study at Unitec -
New Zealand's largest Institute of Technology

Presenting our Speakers

Bharat Chawla

Co-Founder, Uniqway

Pooja Mallik
Country Manager - India at Unitec Institute of Technology

Priyanka Amin
International Business Manager, Former Senior Immigration Officer, Immigration New Zealand in India

What you will learn from the webinar?

How Uniqway can help you study in New Zealand.

Unitec's Master's and Bachelor’s programmes options.

Available scholarships

Careers opportunities

And many fun activities are waiting for you!


Why study at the Unitec, New Zealand

New Zealand’s largest Institute of Technology

offers a wide range of work-oriented programmes and short courses

A real-world learning environment
that combines industry-leading theory and hands-on practical experience
A space of creativity and flexibility
offers from full-time to part-time programmes options.
Better work opportunities with “the Think. Do approach”
Industrial experience, workshops, and 3D studios are provided to help students respond to the real work challenges.

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30 July, 2022

8:00am Nigeria, 12:45pm Nepal, 12:30pm India, 3:00pm Philippines
1 hour
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This webinar is free for everyone who registers!
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Study at Unitec - An education

that lasts a lifetime

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